Ghostwriting & Editing FAQ

How does this work?

Typically, once you’ve contacted me we’ll have a brief consultation to determine the scope of the project and what it will require, after which I’ll send you a project estimate. Once you approve the estimate, I’ll send you a contract and an invoice for a down payment.

After the contract is signed and the down payment is complete, the project will begin. For a book-length ghostwriting project, the work will typically be broken down into five phases:

  1. Research phase – during this phase I will interview you both via phone (or Skype) and e-mail to get a handle on your voice and writing style, as well as gather any information you may have that is pertinent to the book. I’ll also conduct any other necessary research that will help me fill in any blanks and flesh out the book.
  2. Outline phase – during this phase I’ll work with you to create a detailed, chapter by chapter outline of the book.
  3. Drafting phase – this is the writing phase, and the lengthiest phase. During this phase I’ll send you each chapter as it gets written so that you can provide feedback and direction as we go.
  4. Revision phase – After the first draft is complete, you’ll have an opportunity to read the entire manuscript and provide additional feedback. I’ll incorporate this feedback and create a second draft.
  5. Editing phase – During this final phase, I’ll have my editing partner do a line by line copy edit of the entire manuscript to ensure that the final draft is polished and professional.

How long will it take?

Each book is different, and much depends on how much research is needed, how cooperative interview subjects (if needed) are, how timely you are with feedback, how long the final book is expected to be, as well as other unpredictable factors. Typically, if everything runs like clockwork, a 50,000 word book (approximately 200 pages) can be completed in about six months. If you have a specific deadline, every effort will be made on my end to meet your deadline.

How much will it cost?

While every project will differ according to length and scope, how much research is required, etc., for budgeting purposes you can estimate about 20 cents per word for ghostwriting services. Going by the industry average of 250 words per page*, a 200 page book would be about 50,000 words in length, running you about $10,000; a 100 page book would be about $5,000; a 500-word blog post or article would be $100.

*This is a standard estimate. Actual words per page varies according to a number of factors including font face, font size, margins, trim size, etc.

How do I pay?

Depending on the size and scope of the project, payment will typically be divided into three to five payments. The first is due at the start of the project. Subsequent installments will be due upon reaching agreed-upon project milestones, with the final payment due upon delivery of the final manuscript.

All payments are made via Paypal, which accepts most major credit and debit cards. Additional financing options are also available through Paypal for those who qualify.

What about a royalty/advance split?

Although I promise to provide you with a well-written, compelling and professional manuscript, I can in no way guarantee that you will be able to place it with a publisher or that it will sell. Writing a book takes a significant amount of time, during which I have bills and living expenses that must be paid. You’re not purchasing a manuscript from me – you’re paying me for my time. Because of this, I don’t work for a share of royalties or advances. You pay me for my services as we go, and I won’t see a penny of any royalties your book earns – even if it turns out to be a runaway best seller.

What about privacy and copyright?

For ghostwriting projects, all rights will be transferred to the author (that’s you) upon receipt of the final payment. I won’t retain any part of the copyright. It will 100% belong to you.

While some authors choose to share credit with their ghost writers, I understand this is often not the case, for perfectly valid reasons. If you wish not to share credit or have it disclosed that you had help writing the book, a non-disclosure clause will be included in the contract legally prohibiting me from telling a soul that I had a hand in writing your book. Our work together will be as confidential as you wish it to be.

What happens after you deliver the final draft?

What you do with the completed manuscript is entirely up to you. While I can remain on in a paid consultant/coaching capacity to help walk you through the publishing process, typically I won’t be involved in publishing or marketing the book, or with trying to obtain an agent or publisher.

Because no human can catch 100% of mistakes and the more eyes that look at a manuscript the better, if you decide to self-publish, I do recommend hiring an independent proofreader to go over the manuscript as the final step prior to publishing to catch any typos or minor errors that might have slipped past the copy editor (if you work with a traditional publisher, they’ll have in-house proofreaders who will go over it instead).

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