Monday Check-In: Novel Progress & Cutting Big Tech Cords

Hello, friends, and welcome to a new week!

All the chipperness indicated in that exclamation point is an indication that I finally wrote on the novel today, which usually has the effect of making me feel like I kicked some A. I skipped ahead and wrote the ending, so now I’ve got a clear destination in mind. I also revised the rest of the outline to take a less meandering route to get there. Progress!

I’d meant to write a more substantial post for this here blog today, but I’m finally motivated enough to start the process of de-googlifying my life and cleaning up my online footprint as much as possible, along with tightening up security, and hoo boy, is this ever going to be an intricate, drawn-out process. It’s really disturbing when you realize just how deeply these big tech ecosystems are entrenched in your life, especially when you’ve been using them for over a decade. I have a feeling this is going to take weeks. Small steps. It will be worth it to know I’m no longer ho’ing myself and my data out to them.

So apart from my novel, that’s my big project for this week, along with continuing the website renovation. I’ll try to share some resources here later this week if you would like to join me in this journey. If so, drop an affirmative in the comments!

Later, gators!