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Goodbye Blog – Where to Find My Writing Online

I’m officially throwing in the towel and admitting that the personal blog is dead.

Oh, sure, there are a few holdouts that are still going strong. But for the most part, the world has moved on, and there are simply too many alternative platforms for multipassionate writers like me to get our writing fix to not move on with it.

As such, this here blog is a blog no more, in the old sense of being the place where I collect all my thoughts and writerly ramblings. From henceforth, this space is primarily for news and announcements about current and upcoming books and writing projects, although I may update it from time to time with links to articles I’ve written elsewhere online.

For those of you who have actually enjoyed my occasional ramblings well enough to subscribe and who want to keep up with my bloggy-style writings, here’s a comprehensive list of all the places you can find my writing online:

  • My freelance writing portfolio – all of my professional writing. Lots of pet-related articles, and some pieces on minimalism, simple living and personal finance, among other topics.
  • Echoes in the Dark – My author newsletter on Substack, where I tend to ramble about what’s happening in my life each month, share tidbits about the books I’m writing, as well as what I’m reading and cool things I’ve come across, both online and off. I just added a “short” weekly letter (I really need to work on the short part) tracking my progress on my current novel and opening a discussion thread where you can share your own cool things.
  • A Quiet Life – My other monthly Substack letter, which offers more personal blog-style content focusing on faith and finding beauty and purpose in the ordinary. The first issue will go out later this week.
  • Medium – I’ve posted there sporadically and have several articles under my user profile, but I’m getting ready to launch a faith-based publication focused on simplifying, slowing down and living according to your values, called Abide + Align. It will launch later this month. Follow me on Medium so you don’t miss the first post. (I may also start a second publication there in the nearish future focused on content relating to writing and publishing.)
  • Instagram – It’s supposedly for pictures, but I post a lot of shorter bloggy-style content there. And lately in my stories I’ve been posting daily updates on how my current WIP, Desolation of the Damned, is coming along.

Where to stay up-to-date on new releases, book sales, etc.

Signing up to my newsletter, Echoes in the Dark, is the best way to stay informed about what I’ve got coming up as far as books and publishing news. Subscribers there will also be the first to get cover reveals, novel previews and pre-order offers, among other exclusive goodies.

But if newsletters aren’t for you, here are a few other ways to keep up-to-date:

  • This blog – It’s not the best, because honestly, posting my news here is usually an afterthought, and it usually happens a week or more after I’ve already sent the news to my mailing list. But I do get around to posting that stuff here eventually.
  • BookBub and GoodreadsFollow me on BookBub and you’ll automatically get notified when I release a new book. Follow me on Goodreads, and I’ll likely send out an announcement when I’ve got a new release coming up.
  • My Amazon Author Page – Click the follow button on this page and you’ll get notified every time I have a new book come out on Amazon.

I also have a Twitter account and Facebook page, but those are way, way down on my priority list, currently. I’m actually considering whether to delete them. For now, neither of those are a good place to keep up with me.

So there you have it — all the places where you can currently read and interact with me online. I hope you’ll come and find me there. ♥