Goodbye, January. Hello, Sanity.

Since my January turned out to be a seemingly endless dumpster fire of a month, I’m declaring a New Year do-over. In case you’re out of the loop, i.e. not subscribed to my newsletter or Instagram, my mom had a stroke right around the time of the last post, and life kind of went off the rails after that. The good news is that my mom is doing much better. Things have settled down and life is getting back on track.

The other good news is that this unexpected turn of events shouldn’t have too much of an impact on my writing and publishing plans for this year, although I’ve learned my lesson about not leaving room for life to throw you hard and fast curve balls. But so far, it looks like I’ll be able to carry on mostly as planned, turning in Bound Spirits at the end of this month and then going from there. The only big change is that I won’t have time to have a beta reader look at my manuscript first, but that won’t be the end of the world.

Look for this blog to get back on track this month, starting with a post about my favorite things of 2017 that I started last month and didn’t have time to finish. Better late than never, right?

Now let’s all join together in a collective deep breath and sigh of relief. January is over. February is short. Spring is right around the corner. Bound Spirits comes out in August. This can still be a good year.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye, January. Hello, Sanity.

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