Newsy Bits & Progress

Guys, guess what? Y’all helped make both Restless Spirits and Kindred Spirits two of  Vinspire’s top three sellers last month! So thanks for that!

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I need y’all to work your magic again because Kindred Spirits is nominated for Cover of the Month for the month of August at! It just barely eked into the second round and is currently dead last. I have faith that we can do better. Click here to go vote — you will, alas, have to create an account if you don’t have one already, and I totally get that that might be a deal breaker. But if you’re willing to take a few minutes to sign up and vote for Kindred Spirits, you’ll be doing me a real solid. Okay, I’m old and terrible at slang and I’m not even sure what that means and if I used it correctly and I’m sorry. Favor. You’d be doing me a favor. And I will be so grateful. Enough to never inflict awkward slang on you again.

Finally, Bound Spirits is still steadily, albeit slowly, coming along. I’m about halfway through–the next scene is the midway turning point of the second act, so it should be downhill from here. The second half usually goes much faster. Usually. At any rate, here’s a quick peek:

“So why the rush? We’ve only been together for six months.”

“You’re right. I guess that is a little fast. But is that the only reason you’ve got cold feet?”

“I wouldn’t say they’re cold. I wouldn’t even call them lukewarm.”


“I just want to be sure _he’s_ sure, you know?”

“Not this again.”

“Yes, this again. It’s a crazy life. It’s all still new and exciting to him, and he’s all jazzed whenever something crazy happens that he can put on his channel. But then something terrifying like what happened tonight happens. And he was great, but we haven’t even had time to process it yet. We’re still in the middle of it. Is he really prepared for an entire lifetime of this sort of thing? What happens when it gets old?”



“That’s what I just heard your feet say.”

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