Pre-Order Kindred Spirits and Get a Special Gift!

Kindred Spirits is now available to pre-order! And to say thank you for pre-ordering–because I know you know how vital pre-orders are to a successful book launch, on account of how booksellers use pre-orders as a metric to decide how much they’re going to help promote a new book by increasing its visibility–I put together a downloadable gift pack that is yours to claim when you pre-order:


The pack includes coloring pages and printable bookmarks, plus the best of both worlds–printable coloring bookmarks! To claim your gift, simply e-mail a copy of your order verification/receipt to jean @ before June 30th, and I’ll send you the files along with a special thank you e-mail.

Here’s where it’s available to pre-order:

So go forth and secure your copy, and then be sure to send me your receipt to claim your gift! And once you do, be sure to drop by my Facebook page and post pictures of your finished coloring page masterpieces to be entered to win a $10 Amazon gift card, courtesy of Vinspire Publishing!

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