Story Inspiration: Love Letter

This is the second post in my inspiration series. If you missed the first post, head here to find out what inspired Restless Spirits!

loveletter-1400x2100The inspiration for Love Letter was initially the inspiration for the original draft of the upcoming Kindred Spirits. When I first began work on that book, I’d had the idea to introduce the ghost du jour by bringing a haunted object into the house. Originally, the haunted object was a rare comic book, and the ghost was a teenage boy. The teenager stuck around for the final draft, but the comic book as means of bringing him into the lives of Ron, Joe and Chris didn’t survive past the first partial exploratory draft.

Still, I thought using a haunted object to introduce a new ghost into Ron’s life was a fun idea, so when the time came to write a novella to help promote turning Restless Spirits into a series, it seemed like a natural place to start.

I came along this desk during an unrelated online search and I thought it looked like something Ron and Chris would both fall in love with for Chris’s new home office (which doubles as Ron’s ghost-writing space). I started thinking about the kind of person who might have owned it previously, and suddenly I had my ghost.

As I started writing Love Letter, I thought it was going to be more horror and mystery than anything, but as Brandon’s story came out I realized that I was dealing with a tragic love story. There aren’t really any horror or mystery elements in this one, but there’s plenty of humor to balance the tragedy, thanks to Ron’s quirky outlook on life and death. There’s also plenty of banter between her and both her sister and Joe, which is always fun to write.

Love Letter is now available wherever e-books are sold. Head over to Vinspire Publishing for all of the links to grab your copy today!


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