Today’s the Day! Love Letter is Here!

loveletter-1400x2100Restless Spirits: Love Letter (the updated version from Vinspire Publishing) officially launches today! If you pre-ordered it it should have been delivered to your e-reader overnight, so sync up your devices and make sure it’s there. And if you haven’t ordered it yet, head here to see all the places where it’s available.

In this standalone novelette set one year following the events of Restless Spirits, sisters Ron and Chris Wilson find a new challenge when a tortured spirit suddenly appears in the house Ron is haunting alongside her ghostly paramour, Joe.

After paranormal investigator and medium Chris Wilson buys an antique desk for her new office in the renovated house she shares with Ron and Joe, Ron discovers the desk came with an unexpected bonus: a failed author who died of a heart attack in the middle of a nasty argument with his wife over that very desk.

With Chris’s help, can Ron and Joe help this tortured spirit make contact with his wife and find the peace he needs to move on to his final rest? Or will they be stuck sharing their home — and Ron’s ghost-writing space — for the foreseeable future?


Frequently Asked Questions

(Or rather, questions I made up that I imagine some people might be wondering about)

Q: Is this the sequel you’ve been working on and talking about forever?

A: No. This is a novelette-length (a little under 10,000 words) short piece I wrote to promote the Kickstarter campaign I ran to garner interest in a sequel back in 2015. It’s set about a year after the events of Restless Spirits, so it can be considered a mini-sequel. The full, novel-length sequel, Kindred Spirits, is recently completed and will likely come out later this year.

Q: Do I need to read Restless Spirits before I can follow this story?

A: Nope. This is a stand-alone. You don’t need to have read Restless Spirits in order to understand what’s going on, nor will you need to have read Love Letter in order to keep up with Kindred Spirits. Of course, reading them all in order will fill in some small blanks and provide a richer experience, but it’s not necessary. If you want to check out this shorter story to decide whether this series might be up your alley, it’s not a bad starting place.

Q: Where does Love Letter fit in to the series timeline?

A: Love Letter bridges the gap between Restless Spirits and the forthcoming sequel, Kindred Spirits.

Q: Restless Spirits is available in paperback. Why is Love Letter only available as an e-book?

A: Because it’s under 10,000 words in length. That would be a pretty thin paperback.

Got any other questions? Fire away in the comments!

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