Restless Spirits 2 is off to the publisher – AND it has a title!

At long, long last, I’m pleased to tell you that the full-length sequel to Restless Spirits that I spent all last year (and then some) working on is FINALLY finished and turned in to my publisher. No word yet on when they plan to release it, but I’m guessing we’ll be looking at another Halloween-adjacent launch.

Of course I had to give it a real title before turning it in. After a lot of deliberation and highly scientific online polling, I settled on Kindred Spirits. That’s not officially official until my editor approves it, but seeing as how I believe that was one of her suggestions back when she rejected calling it “Ghost of a Chance,” I feel pretty good about its chances of survival.

Stay tuned to this space over the coming months (or better yet, head here to sign up to my newsletter) for updates on things like an official release date announcement, excerpts and the eventual cover reveal!

And don’t forget — the mini-sequel novella, Love Letter, set about a year after the events of Restless Spirits, comes out next Tuesday! Head here to pre-order your copy!

Love Letter: A Restless Spirits Novella by Jean Marie Bauhaus


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