Restless Spirits publishing update, plus thinking ahead about Dominion of the Damned sequels

I just fired off the revised edition of Restless Spirits to my editor at Vinspire. So that’s off my to do list — on to revising and formatting Restless Spirits: Love Letter, and then back to drafting Ghost of a Chance.

Naturally, in order to revise Restless Spirits, I had to read through the entire book again. And do you know what I discovered, to my surprise and delight?

Guys, this a really good book.

It feels weird to say that about something I wrote, but it had been so many years since I read it last that I’d forgotten most of it. And I kept having to go back through about every chapter to re-check for errors or things to change because I was so engrossed in it, as if someone else had written it. It even made me cry. On several occasions. My husband must’ve thought I was nuts.

I was, however, astonished at the number of blatant errors I came across, despite many different sets of eyes having looked at it before it was originally published. Thanks to this experience, as soon as I get the time I’ll be going through the rest of my self-published books to see if I catch anything that got missed.

Other than fixing errors, I also tightened up a few spots and cleaned up the language to make it more family-friendly. I was really surprised by how much there was. I didn’t remember Ron being nearly that big of a potty-mouth. I’m glad my mom never read it. Most of it was just completely unnecessary and could simply be deleted without changing any meaning or emotional impact whatsoever. There were a few places with stronger cussin’ where I had to get creative to achieve the same impact, but I think the book is better for it. And now my mom can read it. 🙂

The new edition of Restless Spirits comes out on Halloween of this year!


Thinking ahead…

Here’s a little something to give Dominion of the Damned fans hope: I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and planning toward finally continuing this series. Unfortunately, I won’t really be able to get started on the second book until my contract with Vinspire is fulfilled, but in the meantime I’m hoping to kick things off by doing another revision pass on Book 1 and then doing some re-branding and re-packaging to breathe new life into it and generate more interest. This probably means I’ll be taking the current version down in the near future and then doing a re-launch later this year. I’ll also be issuing a new paperback edition, AND an audio version. And then hopefully I can get the second book written and ready to publish sometime next year.

So… stuff to look forward to! Yaaaaay!

What do you think?

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