Monday Update (sans word metrics but now with pictures!)

Last week was another crazy and off-kilter one. I ended up having to work over the weekend in order to make an article deadline, so I took yesterday off from work work (and I didn’t even realize it was President’s Day when I made that decision) and used it to catch up on some house work (and also on Agent Carter and Supernatural, lest you think I was all virtuous and productive all day. Also, mind that I’m watching these on Hulu Free, so I’m still a week behind everybody else. No spoilers!).

I did actually manage to work on my novel all week, but I’ve taken to writing it longhand, so I won’t have any updated word metrics until I start typing it all up. I do have a picture, though!



I never used to really like writing longhand. Typing has always felt like part of my process, and it makes it easier to keep up with my brain. But lately I’ve actually been enjoying doing it this way. For one thing, I hate being tethered to my desk all day, and it’s easier to get motivated and get started when I can just grab a pen and notebook and start writing wherever I’m comfortable. And there’s something about the tactile sensation of pen and paper, and being forced to slow down a bit, that helps me focus. Of course, not being anywhere near an internet connection certainly doesn’t hurt that, either.

At any rate, the novel is still coming along more slowly than I’d prefer, but at least it’s coming along. I’ll begin posting unedited chapters on my Patreon page this week (tomorrow, if there’s time), so you can start reading it soon if you’re a member–and it only costs a dollar to become a member! Seriously, these days you can’t even get a decent cup of coffee for a buck.

For now, I’m off to squeeze in some exercise before dinnertime. Later taters.

3 thoughts on “Monday Update (sans word metrics but now with pictures!)

  1. I’m glad to hear you are making progress! Even if it is not as quickly as you would like. I love writing by hand. It is definitely easier to do longer things via some sort of word processor, but by hand is just… different. In poetry I frequently cross out lines, rearrange lines, rewrite the same line after crossing it out, and move commas like nobody’s business. I could do all of that on the computer, but often being able to follow my process of thought when working on something actually helps me make sure writing/edits go in the right direction. Sometimes the first or second thing I jot down shows back up in the eighth draft, so it’s best to never have it *really* gone!

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    1. Jean Marie Bauhaus

      I’ve written poetry and song lyrics and I don’t think I could do either of those any way other than by hand. I’m enjoying the way writing my novel longhand is making me slow down and be more considered about my choices, though, and I’m sure I’ll also do some revising as I type it all up when I get to that point. I’m not sure I’m going to stick with doing it this way for the duration of the first draft, but for now it’s working for me.

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