Monday word metrics, and some spooky podcast recs

Happy Monday, readers! I actually managed to write every day last week, which is a first, at least as far as this year goes (I didn’t write any over the weekend, though, but it was productive in other ways).  I’ve added 5,558 words to Ghost of a Chance since my last blog update. I’d love to double that, as far as weekly output goes, but until that coveted day when writing novels is my actual job that’s not too likely to happen. So for now I’m just pleased to be building a daily noveling habit, even if some days are 1,800-word days and others are only 500-word days. It all adds up, in time.

Today, I’m happy to say, was an 1,800 word day, or thereabouts. Here are today’s word metrics:

Today’s word count: 1,808
Novel so far: 30,564
Words of fiction this year: 13,436

And here’s an unspoilery snippet:

She flipped the sun visor down to look in the mirror, and frowned. She’d put her hair up in a top knot, thinking it had looked sophisticated, but now it just looked sloppy. She considered taking it down and running a brush through it, but of course she hadn’t brought a brush and she’d probably only make it worse anyway. Unbuckling her seat belt, she smoothed out the wrinkles in her blouse and picked off some stray cat hairs. She frowned at her skinny jeans, wishing she’d gone with a skirt instead. Too late to do anything about it now, though. With a sigh, she brushed more cat hair off her jeans and checked the mirror one more time to make sure she hadn’t got any lipstick on her teeth. This was as good as it got, at least for now. Heaving a sigh, she got out of the car.

By the time she reached the front, Doug was leaning against the building. He glanced up as she rounded the corner, then stood up straight and smiled. “Hey,” he said. “You look nice.”

“Thanks,” she said. At least he has low standards. She noticed for the first time that he’d cleaned up pretty nice, himself. She was used to seeing him looking all clean cut and professional on TV, but in a dark gray button down and black jeans, he’d struck just the note of nice and casual that she’d been striving for. Crap. Was this a date? “You look nice, too,” she told him.

“Thanks.” He rubbed the back of his head nervously. Chris grew increasingly nervous herself as she watched him fidget.

This was a date.

Crappity crap.


I had a low-key but relaxing weekend that mainly involved hair maintenance, light housework and football with Mr. B (go Broncos!). There was some coloring, podcast listening and some light button sewing mixed in there, too.

Speaking of podcasts, I’m not sure I’ve mentioned it in this space, but I’m quite the fan of the Black Tapes, which just started its second season. And now I’m also hooked on the spin-off TANIS, which has about 9 episodes under its belt so far (I’m up to #6). They’re like a radio play version of all the best creepy pastas, with a little of the feel of the old LOST ARGs, and I love them. You should listen.

After today’s writing session I had PB&J for lunch and then did a spin on the exercise bike (while listening to that 6th TANIS episode, natch). I’ve set aside the rest of today to serve as a badly needed planning day, to do some research into various prospects and get my bearings for moving forward. I think I need to set aside a day like this at least once a month, if that’s possible. Hoping to take a tea break later and work on my hand-lettering skills–which are pretty much non-existent at this point. Which is why I need to work on it.

How’s your day going so far?

3 thoughts on “Monday word metrics, and some spooky podcast recs

      1. I know the feeling, Jean! That’s pretty much he way my day has gone. The weather was kind of on my side, this Christmas. It’s warmer in my writing room than anywhere else in the house. So, that kept me writing too!


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