Some Word Metrics and Some Useful Links for Writers

I bring you today’s word metrics on Ghost of a Chance, the sequel to Restless Spirits featuring more ghost adventures, more romance and more mysterious mysteries to untangle.

Words written today: 1,615
Words on the novel so far: 20,699
Words of fiction this year: 2,081

Here’s a non-spoilery snippet of today’s output:

She took hold of the door knob, but paused a moment, thinking of what to say as she opened the door, something clever and disarming that would diminish his rage, throw him off balance and give her the upper hand. But all that came to mind was, “What the hell do you want?” and she didn’t quite think that would do the trick. Taking a deep breath and bracing herself, she opened the door.


I told you today’s output would be a lot better than yesterday’s, and it was. For you productivity nerds out there, I’m applying the Pomodoro method, wherein I set a timer and sprint for 20 minutes, then take a 10 minute break to go to the bathroom, peek at social media, make some tea, talk to my husband or whatever. I’m aiming for four sprints a day, all grouped together so I don’t lose momentum, preferably before lunch when I’m still feeling creatively fresh and have plenty of mental energy. Today it worked splendidly. If this keeps up, I should be able to average about 1400-1500 words a day, which puts me on target to finish this draft in about eight weeks.

I just realized if I stick to that exactly, I’ll finish up on Leap Day. And I think that just became my goal.

At any rate, if you’re using the Chrome browser, you can install the Strict Workflow extension (formerly the Pomodoro extension but apparently there were copyright issues and they had to change the name). Not only does it function as a timer, which helps me stay focused, but it also cuts off my access to social media and other distracting websites when I’m supposed to be working. I highly recommend it.

After my writing session I hopped on Mr. B’s stationary bike for 20 minutes, which was supposed to perk me up and give me energy for the rest of the day, but now I just really want a nap. I think I did it wrong. Or maybe it was the soup I had for lunch (same as yesterday, still delicious). Or I s’pose it could be that I didn’t sleep so great last night. Hmm.

While on the bike I finally listened to an episode of the Ditch Diggers writing podcast by Mur Lafferty and Matt Wallace. It was my first time checking that out, and I only got 30 minutes in before I had to shut it off and get back in the office, but it had some good, motivating stuff. Lots o’ cussin’, though, if you’re turned off by that sort of thing. Also got in an episode of the Journeyman Writer podcast by Alastair Stephens, which are short, to the point and provide some food for thought. And are also generally free of cussin’.

This morning over on my other blog I posted about my approach to the New Year from a faith-based perspective. If you’re so inclined you can read that here.

And now I must do some article research and try to make headway on some future posts for BloPoWriMo. But first I will leave you with this shot of the very pretty adult coloring book I got for Christmas, which has become one of my favorite things.




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