Now Available! Restless Spirits: Love Letter

Restless Spirits: Love LetterRestless Spirits: Love Letter, the mini-sequel to Restless Spirits, officially launches today — and it’s FREE for the Kindle! Get it here!

Not sure? Here’s the description:

In this standalone novelette set one year following the events of Restless Spirits, sisters Ron and Chris Wilson find a new challenge when a tortured spirit suddenly appears in the house Ron is haunting alongside her ghostly paramour, Joe.

After paranormal investigator and medium Chris Wilson buys an antique desk for her new office in the renovated house she shares with Ron and Joe, Ron discovers the desk came with an unexpected bonus: a failed author who died of a heart attack in the middle of a nasty argument with his wife over that very desk.

With Chris’s help, can Ron and Joe help this tortured spirit make contact with his wife and find the peace he needs to move on to his final rest? Or will they be stuck sharing their home — and Ron’s writing space — for the foreseeable future?

Prefer Epub? It’s also currently free to download from these retailers:

Barnes & Noble

…and international readers can also find it free on Tolino.

Happy reading!

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