Seeking beta readers, non-smelly yarn and time to veg.

This has been quite the busy week, what with doing a load of laundry AND working on the cat room every day, plus editing one book while outlining another, plus my freelance writing and marketing projects. I’m pooped. Thank God it’s Friday, indeed. I plan to plant myself on the couch tomorrow and avail myself of our free Prime membership trial and stream the heck out of Amazon videos.

But first, today I need to hurry and finish up my freelance writing for the week, after which I’ll hopefully have time to type up my edits for my story collection, MIDNIGHT SNACKS (I’m looking for beta readers, by the way. Holler in the comments if you’d like to be one). And then I’m going to try to finish up the room part of the cat room (saving the closet for next week) and sort through my yarn stash to see what can be saved.

Speaking of “saving mah yarnz,” this is the funniest post about cats peeing on yarn and trying to save it that you’ll probably ever read.