Welcome To My Fresh Start

Welcome new readers and former readers of both Preppergirl.com and Daydream Believer! This is a merger of those two blogs, the first of which focused on disaster preparedness and the second of which was basically a diary of my attempts to conquer various health issues via natural and homeopathic means and, eventually, to become a mother.

Both of those blogs have been stalled for quite a while now, and rather than trying to jump start either or both of them, it seemed best to simply start anew. This new blog will cover both preparedness and natural health topics, as well as sustainability and natural living. There’s also likely to be a lot of talk about faith and spirituality, my husband and our four-legged “kids,” food, gardening, knitting and crochet, and my occasional attempts at other crafts. Oh, and plenty of DIY.

If that all sounds good to you, then I hope you’ll stick around, and maybe leave a comment to say hi. As you can see, I’ve moved over all of the old posts from Preppergirl.com, since that site will be going the way of the dodo when the domain expires next week; so there are plenty of old posts with good info to catch up on while you wait for my next new post!

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