Finishing Falls and Indulging Spring Fever

Project: Eucha Falls, the recurring dream/creepy pasta/Slenderman mashup that’s taking longer than any short story should ever take to write.

Starting word count: 10,314

Today’s word count: 236

What happened: FINISHED IT!

Final word count (before editing): 10,550. Still novelette length, but not as long as I originally expected it to be.

Non-spoilery sneak peek: It’s the denouement. It’s pretty much all spoiler.

What’s next? After some deliberation, I’ve decided to rearrange my writing and publishing schedule and go ahead and write Radium Town next; mainly because I’m noticing a trend of steampunk stories featuring historical figures, and I’m afraid if I put it off too long somebody will beat me to Will Rogers (after all, I put off writing my idea for a story about how the Wizard of Oz became the Wizard, and look how well that turned out for me). So that is going to be my Camp Nano project for April. I’ll be spending my writing time the rest of this month on researching and outlining.

C25K/UFYH: Well, yesterday afternoon Matt and I went outside to toss the football, which, as usual, meant that I did a lot of running after the ball, so I got some exercise then. But the spring weather and the sound of our neighbors playing music from their homeland left us both craving Mexican food and beer, so I knocked off work early and we had us an impromptu spring-time celebration. Which meant we stayed up late, which in turn meant that we both overslept this morning. So I pretty much had to choose between writing time or UF-ing time, and the writing won out.

Nevertheless, I did take a few minutes to clean up the fast food detritus from last night’s mini-party and do some minor kitchen unfussing.

Later: Client projects, mainly, and then we’ll finish the season finale of Downton Abbey.