Epic Running and Not So Epic Tidying

Project: Eucha Falls, the recurring dream/creepy pasta/Slenderman mashup that’s taking longer than any short story should ever take to write.

Starting word count: 9,385

Today’s word count: 928

What happened: The climactic penultimate scene. Lots of running.

Non-spoilery sneak peek:

Without a word, Shane pulled her close and charged at the crowd, dragging her with him as he used his linebacker shoulders to barrel his way through. Melanie closed her eyes and let him pull her, trusting him to get them both through this. She felt hands, both big and small, grasping and tearing at them, trying to hold them back.

UFYH: Gathered up trash and put it in the trash bin, decluttered the entryway and took care of the big pile of mail that had gathered there (I thought about taking before and after photos, but my husband doesn’t really appreciate it when I put pictures of our messes on the Internet for all to see) (speaking of my husband and appreciation, I should also point out that he’s been doing much more cleaning than I have lately, all on his own without any asking or prompting. I’ve got myself a good husband), put away some living room clutter and picked up the dog’s toys. Which probably won’t stay put away for long.

Later: I need to update my portfolio and spend some time marketing my biz and lining up work for next week. Then I have one last thing to do for my last low-paying contract job before I get started on this week’s client projects. And at some point this afternoon I’ll try to take a break and go outside with my husband and enjoy the pretty weather.

What do you think?

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