Beta Readers Wanted

I’m only six scenes away from finishing the second draft of Dominion of the Damned, which means I’ll most likely finish it up tomorrow, and then it will be ready to be seen by eyes other than my own.

I already have three beta readers lined up. I’d like to have two more. I think five is a good number — not too many to be overwhelmed by the amount of feedback, but a good comparative sampling to look for agreement and consensus about what needs to be fixed vs. trying to cater to individual reader quirks.

I’ll be giving my betas a free copy of the final e-book, as well as a mention in the acknowledgments. Requirements are that you actually, honestly have the time to read it and turn it around in a couple of weeks, that you’re not afraid to be honest, but you also have the good sense not to be mean about it. Protip: a good way to soften the blow of criticism is to also take time to point out the things that stand out that you like and think are good.

So, any volunteers? UPDATE: All of my beta slots have been filled. Thanks, everybody! I’ll be in touch when it’s ready.