Survival Blog

If you’re not new to disaster preparedness and survival, then you probably already know about James Wesley, Rawles’ SurvivalBlog (and no, that comma in his name is not a typo); but if you are new and you haven’t checked out this resource yet, you should. It’s a little hard-core, but as such it’s loaded with great info for preparing to survive anything from tornadoes to social upheaval to zombies (okay, I made up the part about the zombies–but seriously, the stuff here would probably help you survive zombies, too).

A good place to start, both on the blog and in your prepper plans, is this guest post: From Beginning Prepper to Fully-Stocked Retreat: What to Buy, and When by Scott in Wisconsin. Scott’s advice applies concrete goals to the “little by little” method of stockpiling what you’ll need to weather tough times–and I like concrete goals. My husband and I are probably at about a 100 level on food and water, but we’re not quite there yet on other items on Scott’s list. Of course, for a short-term situation we’ll most likely bug in so we won’t necessarily need gasoline or cash, and we can replace “kerosene” with “batteries.” Okay, that might not do us any good in an EMP event, but it should get us through another major ice storm, which at the present time is our most pressing concern.

So what about you, if you don’t mind saying (you can always comment anonymously)? Are you a 100, a 1,000, or a 10,000 level prepper, or are you somewhere in between?