A Word Count and a Snippet

Administrative note: the house is much improved, but there’s still a lot to get done, so expect this week to be light on updates. Meanwhile, I stopped letting the house be an excuse to not write, so here’s a word count, albeit an anemic one:

Today’s word count: 315
Total: 70,713

And here’s a snippet from today’s session:

A line of vehicles rolled up in front of the building; an old school bus, covered in makeshift armor, flanked on each end by two modified Hummers with machine guns mounted on their roofs. The Hummers were each packed full of men with guns, and more armed men peered out from the windows of the bus, along with a few women and children. Most of the men wore some combination of camouflage and trucker hats. To Hannah, they looked like something out of a redneck version of The Road Warrior.