Doctor Who Season Finale

I have a hard time writing coherently about episodes I love of shows I love, because mostly I’m all with the squee. This time is no different, so I’m just going to put some random reactions behind the cut.

The mashed-up end of time universe actually looks kind of awesome, if you can avoid getting eaten by a pterodactyl.

Thank you, show, for bringing back Rory and Amy. Especially Rory, “the man who dies and dies.” See? Even the Silence hate seeing Rory get killed all the time.

Hee! x2 to:

“We should get a drink some time.”
“And married.”

and also…

“I don’t understand. What’s going on?”
“We got married and had a kid and that’s her.”

Oh, Rory. I just love how he’s so stoic and go-with-the-flow in the face of whatever weird and crazy direction his life gets spun around in.

So, are River and the Doctor married now? Or is she technically married to the Tesselector?

I was sad to learn that the Brigadier had died, but even sadder when I realized that they wrote his death in because the actor passed away this year.

I guess I’m pretty slow… I figured that the way out of Lake Silencio would turn out to be two doctors, but I expected one of them to be Flesh. Even after the Tesselector appeared in the episode it didn’t occur to me that it would be the second Doctor.

I loved seeing Amy and River just hanging out in the back yard having mother-daughter chit-chat. It was especially nice to see in light of the reveal that River/”Mels” is also one of Amy’s oldest and dearest friends. It’s lovely to see that bond in action in such a quiet moment. And Amy’s reaction to realizing that she’s the Doctor’s mother-in-law was priceless.

Looking forward to next season, with the Doctor on the down low and everyone trying to keep his secret. Not sure how I feel about “Doctor who?” being the universe’s oldest question (…really?), but I’m willing to let them sell it to me next season.