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Hello Livejournal land. I’m still alive, and I haven’t forgotten you. In fact, I’ve been busy behind the scenes making sure you don’t get left behind as I make the inevitable transition to WordPress. I’ve been angsting about lately, trying to decide whether to leave my writing blog on LJ, or to start a new “official” WP blog with a wider scope, or whether to just stick with the status quo. But thanks to the wonders of the JournalPress and LJ Comments Import programs (and to and –that’s LJ users justbeast and yuki-onna, in case it doesn’t show up on one end or the other; I’m still working out how this all works–for making them known to me), I CAN HAS BOTH WORLDS!

So here’s the score: I’m broadening the scope of this blog beyond just writing and self-publishing to include knitting and crafting, design, reading, pop culture… basically all the things that fill me with glee. I don’t do so well with single-topic niche blogs, because eventually I feel like I run out of things to say on the topic at hand. Daydream Believer was originally that blog for me, but in the past year that has pretty much morphed into a blog about dealing with the difficult things in life. It feels odd now to stick an occasional knitting or TV post up there, you know? That blog’s not going anywhere, but it’s going to remain what it is, until hopefully one day it will evolve into a mommy blog.

But this blog is going to be my happy place.

It will also be my professional space, hence why the official URL is now But you can also read it right here on LiveJournal, just where it’s always been. And if you leave a comment on LJ, it will show up on the WP blog, and (I think) vice versa.

So if the LJ blog isn’t actually going anywhere, then why bother with the change? Well, because self-hosted WordPress has better functionality and organization, more customization options, and it offers a more professional, SRS BSNS appearance. Also, no Russian politicos crashing the system. So then, why not just move and be done with it? Because Livejournal has YOU GUYS, duh! And I don’t want to lose that community aspect that made me put my writing blog on LJ in the first place.

So here it is, my new old blog. The new space will evolve over time; I’m still figuring out these plugins, and I still need to organize all of the old LJ posts that I imported over there, and figure out the structure and the sidebar matter and etc. The old space probably won’t change much, but it isn’t going anywhere, either, and best yet, you don’t need to visit either if I’m on your friends list, because I’ll still be there.