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Friday Freebie

I’m learning all the rules for business cards, so here’s a simple business card Photoshop template. Edit the text layers to customize, then either upload it to your favorite print shop or configure it for your Word business card template.

Click here to download the zip file.

Pin of the Day

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A Word Count and a Snippet

Today’s word count: 696
Total: 69,424

The snippet:

Hannah looked up at him and felt a profound sadness that she tried not to let show. Why couldn’t she feel so strongly for this guy? He was cute, and sweet, and funny, and best of all, uncomplicated. She thought of all the baggage that Alek must carry, and wondered if she could truly handle it. Chris’s baggage was a small carry-on case next to Alek’s gigantic, horror-filled steamer trunk.

Guest Post: Jack Wallen’s 5 Tips for New Indie Authors

Jack WallenIt’s IWU Blog Tour time! This week, my special guest is indie horror novelist Jack Wallen, author of A Blade Away and I Zombie I (which is currently available for FREE on Amazon, and which I just downloaded, because you know I can’t resist zombies), among others. He’s here to share his top five tips for new and wannabe indie authors. Take it away, Jack!

I want to begin this by making a claim – being an author of any type is a rough road to go. Not only is it a career of rejection, ebbing and flowing sales, emotional roller coasters, and hour after hour of hard work. In the end it will be worth it – regardless of how large your fanbase gets, you will have your work published and purchased.

But how do you survive the nightmare and come out of the ride better than you were when you began? If you follow these simple tips, you will find being an indie author not nearly as painful as you thought it would be.

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For sunbrae:

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A Word Count and a Snippet

Today’s word count: 293 (filled in some transitions to finish up a couple of scenes)

The snippet:

Alek stood back and watched as she bounced him and did her best to sooth him, until his angry cries subsided into hiccups and sniffles. “Is he gonna be okay?” she asked.

“He’ll be fine. Just keep doing what you’re doing. This should run its course in a day or two. If it doesn’t, I’ll need to see him again.” He smiled as she nuzzled her brother. “You’re really good with him.”

Hannah gave him a sleepy smile. Her hair was tangled and disheveled, and sleep still clung to her eyes. But she was beautiful. Alek caught himself imagining what it would be like to wake up to this sight every day, and cut off that fruitless line of thought.

NaNoWriMo and Beyond

It’s only two days until October, and that means I only have 33 more days to prepare for this year’s NaNoWriMo. Of course, if I don’t finish Dominion in time, this will be moot, which is a distinct possibility what with the way I seem to be writing this novel in slow motion. But I’m closing in on the end of Act Two, otherwise known as the Great Swampy Middle (TM Jim Butcher), and I expect Act Three (otherwise known as the part where all hell breaks loose) to go a little faster. Here’s hoping I’m right about that, otherwise I’ll be invoking the Zokoutu clause this November and hanging out in the Nano Rebels forum while I work on finishing this puppy.

If I do get it finished on time, then in November I’ll launch right into the zero draft of the sequel. So the rest of the year, writing-wise, will pretty much be dedicated to a) finishing Dominion, b) editing it and prepping it for publication, and c) drafting the sequel, which is sure to carry me over into next year.

And I am already thinking about next year, since it will be here before we know it. After the Damned sequel is published and out of the way, I think I’m going to see if I can salvage Hero Factor. I think I can. I suspect that the real problem with it is that I over-edited it until I broke it, and that I need to wind it back a couple of revisions. But I like most of what’s there, and I really don’t want it to be a trunk novel, because I think you guys will like it, too. Also, I have ideas for a series and spinoffs, and those will never happen if I don’t find a way to fix this story.

After that, I think I’m going to take a break from novels for a while and practice writing short stories. I think short stories take a different skill set than novels, but like most skill sets, I think it can be acquired, and I think my writing career could only benefit from putting some sincere effort into acquiring it.

So that’s my tentative production schedule for the next six months or so. As usual, we’ll see how it goes.

Pin of the Day

He found a box of “stickers.”

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A Word Count and a Snippet

Today’s word count: 543
Total count: 68,435

Today’s snippet:

He remembered the day it all changed, when he knew he was and would always be a doctor. He and Esme were on the prowl, strolling the streets of Berlin. Hunting. They stepped onto a busy street just in time to see a boy get struck by a car. Alek didn’t think, just acted, and managed to keep the boy stable until help arrived. It was the first innocent life he’d saved since before his village was invaded.

Esme had laughed when he tried to tell her how good it had felt, that he knew deep down that saving lives was still his purpose. “A vampire doctor,” she’d said, cackling. “Don’t be absurd. Your purpose is to kill. Your purpose is vengeance. Don’t ever forget that, my sweet Alek.”

The following night, she’d presented him with the boy’s head. The night after that, he’d walked out of her life, and never looked back.

What I’m Watching

RingerThe fall TV season is back in full swing (or at least it will be once Chuck makes its return next month), and I’ve gone from having one or two shows to keep up with over the summer to suddenly having to find time for a dozen. It doesn’t help that I don’t have a DVR and Hulu has tightened their restrictions on free broadcasts of network shows (which I don’t really get–hello, network TV? YOU’RE FREE! Stop being so greedy with the streaming); but somehow, I’m managing to fit it all in. Thank Heaven that I can knit and watch TV at the same time.

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