Dominion Snippet

I’ve been wanting to post snippets and sneak peeks as I work on Dominion, but I haven’t because, mainly, I’m never sure how to walk that line between enticing the reader and spoiling what happens. But here’s a bit I wrote today that I’m pretty happy with, that I don’t think is too spoilery:

The conference room doors opened. As they broke apart Hannah tried to stifle her smile. The red-headed vampire stepped out and said, “They’re ready for you.” When they both stood up, she glanced at Hannah and looked pointedly at Alek. “Just you.” She went back inside.

Alek looked at her apologetically. “This probably won’t take long.”

“I’ll be fine out here.” She smoothed out his jacket and straightened his tie. “Here,” she said, wiping a smudge of lip gloss off his face with her thumb. “Okay.”

He smiled at her, a smile that said everything in his life really was okay, at least in that moment. Then he went inside and closed the door.