Goal Post: Week 5

Well, despite being crazy-busy all week, I didn’t finish anything, but that’s mostly because of waiting for other people to get back to me before I can continue. I did come within only $40 of my weekly quota, which I don’t believe will be too hard to make up. The main thing is that I’m getting more billable work done in the allotted time, and if I can get through a week without any major schedule interruptions, I should get all of my work in just fine.

Last week’s class on state taxes was really helpful. After that class I took the rest of the afternoon to do everything I needed to do to make my business official, so say hello to the sole proprietor of J. M. Bauhaus Enterprises. I was scheduled to attend an IRS business workshop on Thursday, but as we were under a Weather Advisory of Doom, I didn’t go. Still, the time I would have lost to the class was lost instead to preparing to become a shut-in for days. The big panic was that this storm would rival the ice-pocalypse of 2007 that blacked out half the state, and we’d end up without power for days, if not weeks. But thankfully, it didn’t. We didn’t lose power, and the roads don’t even appear to be that bad, if the sound of traffic whizzing by outside my office window is any indication.

Enough about last week. On to this week’s goals: Now that my biggest projects are winding down and I’ve gotten into a rhythm with my working hours, I’m ready to get back to the novel. So back to trying to revise or write a scene a day until it’s done. I wrote a whole new chapter this morning, to replace one I threw out, so that’s a good feeling to carry with me through the day.

My personal goal is pretty standard — exercise more consistently. I always start out pretty good at the beginning of the week, but then by Wednesday I just can’t be bothered and then it’s Monday before I work out again. No wonder I’m usually stiff and grumpy by the time the weekend rolls around. So I’m going to do my best to get on the stationery bike every day — and barring that, at least do some stretching exercises every evening to keep this torturous desk chair from crippling me.

Work goals are the same–wrap up these web design projects. I also have a couple of new clients waiting in the wings, so I need to hurry up and clear some space for them on my schedule. And if I can’t get that WordPress blog working properly this week, then I don’t know what I’ll do. Find somebody with more WP experience than me to subcontract it out to, I guess. But I’ve got a couple of ideas and suggested fixes to try first, so hopefully it won’t come to that.

How about you guys? What dragons do you intend to slay this week?