More Like Stuper Woman

I haven’t weighed myself in, like, two years or more, so I was shocked and appalled at the number that the nurse read off to me when I stepped on the doctor’s scale on Monday. I probably shouldn’t have been. Let’s face it, my attempts at eating right and working out regularly have been pretty half-assed ever since I got married. When I found out I was pregnant I became sufficiently motivated to engage my full and substantial ass in taking better care of my body, but pregnancy diets and workouts aren’t exactly geared for weight loss.

So after the ER doc told me on Monday that I was physically recovered enough to resume regular activity, I came home resolved to whip myself into shape before we’re ready to try again. I was smart about it on Tuesday, gently easing myself back in with a brisk but not too strenuous spin on the stationary bike for half an hour. But then Wednesday, I woke up suddenly feeling like Super Woman, and decided that not only could I handle a full-body pilates workout, but that I could follow that up with some aerobic activity, so afterward I went out to toss (and chase, because I’m a bad catcher) the football around the yard with my husband and my dog.

It was some muchly needed fun, but it lasted about ten minutes before I came over all woozy and had to stumble inside to lie down before I could toss my healthy, Zone-balanced cookies all over the lawn. That pretty much ruined me for the rest of the day, as all I wanted to do after that was sleep. Clearly, I am not Super Woman, and I was stupid to think so. I think I’ll be sticking to the stationary bike until my strength is properly built back up.


I want to respond individually to all of the love and support I’ve gotten lately, all over the interwebs, but I’m trying to wait until I can do it without crying. That might never happen, and I might just have to suck it up and type through the tears at some point, but I’m gonna give it a little more time. Meanwhile, please know that I love and appreciate you all.

PS – I’m not doing Christmas cards this year, y’all. I had every intention of doing them before things turned bad, but right now they’re just too much for me to deal with. I know that’s not very Christmas Spirit-y of me, but I’m not really feeling it this year. I trust everyone will understand, but if I’m on your list and reciprocity is important to you, I’ll understand if you go ahead and cross me off.