Friday Goal Report

(Cross-posted from Daydream Believer)

I’m generally pleased with my progress this week. I had some pretty major distractions going on, but I managed to stay the course and meet all of my goals. Today I was really tempted to stay in my PJs since I had no plans to leave the house or see anyone other than Husband. I sucked it up, though, and got dressed by 10 which, except for Tuesday’s minor exception, I’ve managed to do all week. Go team me!

I also not only figured out wireframes, I also discovered and joined Creately, a free web tool for creating and sharing diagrams and wireframes. I think it will be just what I need, and also perfect for helping my clients figure out what they want their web sites to be and do. They can just sign in and look at what I’ve done, and leave comments about any changes they’d like to see. The only problem I see with it right now is that it’s still in Beta, and therefore the sign-up process isn’t as quick and easy as I’d like it to be for them, which might make it a bit of a hard sell. At any rate, that’s one more skill and tool added to my arsenal.

The novel edits are also off to a good start. I’m only two scenes in as far as red-lining goes, but I’ve got extensive notes on what needs to be changed to fix what’s been hanging me up. It’s going to require a lot of rewrites and some new scenes written out of whole cloth. I suspected that would be the case, which was another thing that was hanging me up on the edits. I was looking for ways to avoid all of that extra writing. But now that I’ve accepted the inevitability and committed to the changes, I’m starting to get excited about it.

Next week is going to be more of a challenge, since the first half will be full of obligations, including the funeral for my friend. I’m going to have to get some of my paid writing done over the weekend, and I don’t even know if I’m going to have time for goal-setting. So I guess my personal goal for next week is to not get stressed out, and to just take the week as it comes, and that includes not being too hard on myself if I don’t have time to work in a business goal. The writing goal is, of course, to continue the novel edits, and that will be my writing goal until it’s done.

Well, hey. I guess the goal-setting just took care of itself.

So how did you guys do on your goals for this week? What are your goals for next week? Chat about it and cheer each other on in the comments.