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There she is, in the coffee shop window. She stares out—not at you, but toward you, not really looking at anything. Maybe at the odd snowflake drifting down from the sky.

She has all the appearance of waiting.

For someone, maybe. Her Valentine. The jerk who stood her up. A love she has yet to know.


Maybe. Maybe, you’ve been waiting for her, too.

So you go inside. She looks up. Smiles. Stands, ties on her apron, picks up her pad and pencil and asks to take your order.

She was just waiting for her break to end.


KasumiRose’s Buddy Icon KasumiRose

Posted about 1 year ago

Cute! I like the introspective tone and the drop at the end. It made me laugh _

Metaphoric Spurs’ Buddy Icon Metaphoric Spurs

Posted about 1 year ago

Funny. I like the double entendre of “waiting.”

UPDATED because I can log into Ficlets now.

Weaknesses At Bedtime II (Cleverly named sequel to Weaknesses at Bedtime)

Weaknesses at Bedtime
by THX 0477

After the lights were turned out and the parents were out of earshot, which thanks to a friend Jack Daniels and a visitor from Russia wasn’t all that far, an echoing voice drifted up from beneath the placid seven year old’s bed, “Bi-i-illy, Bi-i-i-lly…”

“Wha-a-a-t?” the boy asked in a snippy tone.

“Let…me…go,” said the voice, “I…must…feed.”

“Sigh. Why do you have to be so dramatic? Mom says Aunt Grace does that because she didn’t get enough attention as a kid.”

The voice let out a petulant noise and muttered, “Creature of the night, fangs of darkness, stuck under a fricking bed.”

“I don’t see why you’re so grumpy. I brought you three puppies this week.”

“Puppies? Really?”

“Don’t get testy with me. You’re just sore cause you have to obey cause I have the Amulet of…”

“Don’t,” the voice interupted, “You butcher it every time. Just, just don’t say it.”

The bubblegum dispensing clock ticked away. The moon crept higher.

The voice asked hesitantly, “Sure I can’t eat your parents?”


“No! You can’t eat my—”

“Billy?” The bedroom door opened, and Billy snapped his mouth shut. His mother’s silhouette appeared in the doorway, holding a highball glass. Billy knew on some level that he shouldn’t know what a highball glass was. None of the other kids his age did.

“Mom! I—I thought you and Gordon were downstairs.”

His mother leaned against the door jamb with a sigh. “When are you going to start calling him Dad?”

“When I don’t have a real dad anymore.” He cringed as soon as he said it, and braced for the fallout.

But all she did was shake her head and mutter, “Your real dad. Guess that’s where you get that smart mouth of yours.” The ice cubes clinked in the glass as she sipped her drink. “What are you doing? I thought I heard voices in here.”

“I…I had the radio on.”

Beneath him, the bed began to shake. “Let me eat her! Let me eat her!” His eyes wide, Billy held on and tried to act normal.

“Stop jumping on the bed,” said his mother. “And turn off that damn radio. You should be asleep.”

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Weaknesses at Bedtime II
THX 0477’s Buddy Icon THX 0477

Posted about 1 year ago
5.0 out of 5 stars

Great continuation. I love how the tone winds up a bit more of the dark and macabre with the drinking mom coming in. And you did a great job hinting at more detail, more depth with Gordon vs. real dad. Thanks for doing a sequel!!

Joke’s On Me (Vampire Challenge)

by RunningWithScissors
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okay kids.
i desperately need some vampire stories.
-typical tragedies are great is they have detail.
-stories about vamps way back when are radd too.
—make it your own [maybe this means just some guys sitting at a bar drinking ‘bloody maries’.. or just some monsters buying prom dressess.. idc.]
&&although im not that good of a writer,, i shall be selecting a winner anddd.. yah. no neccesarrrririllyy timee//date. whatever.

kk. so have fun. :]
$$tag with ‘hopeless vampires’. thanks$$


Three vampires walked into a bar.

It wasn’t a joke, although from where I sat, it sure felt like one.

The one in the middle was a bombshell. Tall and curvy, with fiery red locks flowing down her back and legs that most men and some women alike would kill to get between. She was also my girlfriend. Well, at least she had been, until my awakening.

Yeah, I couldn’t believe it, either. Why she picked me, I’ll never understand. I thought I was the luckiest geek in the world until she showed me her teeth.

Getting bit hurt. Dying hurt even worse. But coming back…well, I guess there’s a good reason people don’t tend to remember being born.

I earned her wrath when I turned out less appreciative of her “gift” than she’d expected. She made noises about revenge and making me suffer, but I thought it was just whacked-out nutjob talk. Besides, I didn’t think she could do much worse to me. Especially now that I was immortal and all.

Guess I didn’t give her enough credit.

My mom and kid sis flanked her on each side.

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Joke’s On Me
RunningWithScissors’ Buddy Icon RunningWithScissors

Posted about 1 year ago

ohhh poo.
thats definitely not a good situation to be in. ;]