Happy New Year!

Hello, f-list! I am so far behind I have no hope of ever catching up completely. Work has been busy and exhausting and my full-time job from two weeks ago through next week has me permananently parked in the copy room, making up silly songs and tee-shirt slogans to keep myself entertained while the copier does its thing (and then jams, and then runs out of paper, and then jams again, wash, rinse, etc.) (and also doing some exercise on the sly when nobody’s looking). But I have today off, and I’ve resolved to spend more time doing what I want to do and less time worrying about what I should be doing instead, and right now all I want is to sit here with my coffee and a puppy asleep in my lap and catch up with you. Hi. How are you?

I have writing goals that I’d like to discuss here, but that can wait. Work of any kind can wait another day.

Happy New Year, friends o’ mine.