Hi Internets! I guess I should post an update before I take off for the weekend. My daily word count this week has been pretty hit-or-miss–or just miss if you take into account that 2,000+ word a day goal. That Write or Die site has been a life-saver–it’s the only reason I have any word count this week at all.

I’m not too worried about it; at last night’s write-in, I realized I probably don’t have 50,000 words worth of story left to tell. I didn’t realize how close I was to the climax when I decided to invoke the Zokutou Clause and make THF my NaNo project. So whether I reach 50,000 or not, I’m pretty confident I’m going to get this thing finished. Yee-frickin’-haw!

Speaking of the write-in, it was at the same location as last week, but this time there was no game so I was able to park where I was told and find my way in with no problems. I’ve talked about how neat the writing/reading room in the stacks is, but I haven’t discussed how disturbingly creepy the rest of that part of the building is. I don’t think I realized last week because I was with people, but this time, all by my lonesome, I fixated on how old the building is, and not in a pleasant, charming antique way. It’s dingy, and dim, with flickering lights that seem like they could either go out or start a fire at any minute. The ladies’ room and the ancient, teeny elevator were especially creepy. They made me feel like I was in a Japanese horror movie, and that if I looked behind me or at the mirror I’d see a faceless little girl with long, black hair who wanted to swallow my soul. Or maybe this guy. Eep!

And now I’m going home, where tomorrow I have nothing planned except to write and knit. I’m aiming for 10,000 words tomorrow. For every 2,000 I write, I’ve promised myself I can stop for an hour to work on one of my too many Christmas knitting projects and watch one of the shows I missed this week. Husband’s going out with some friends, so I’ll have the house–and the computer–all to myself tomorrow night, with only the fur-babies to distract me.

Happy weekend, y’all!