18 thoughts on “Reason #Nine-hundred eleventy to adore NPH

    1. and I knew all the words to both parts, and therefore deeply embarrassed.
      Hee! Me too. What’s more, in my head it keeps going after they cut off. The days when the entire musical gets stuck on a loop in my head aren’t as frequent as they used to be, but they still happen.


      1. I know you’re a Phantom girl, but I highly recommend Jersey Boys if you get a chance. The music is great and you’ll know a lot of it going in, which makes it nice and singable, just like Mama Mia.


      2. I won’t be surprised if it comes through Tulsa in the next couple of years, at which point I’ll definitely see it (as long as I can keep affording to buy season tickets).
        I :heart: Mama Mia. I need to put the movie on my queue.
        I also need to get some Broadway icons.


  1. I saw this a while ago and it was so awesome that I had to watch it again when you linked it on Twitter. I also just watched it again here. I love both the show and NPH. There are only 2 shows I’m currently excited to watch, one is HIMYM, the other is Supernatural. Also I totally love Les Miserables.


    1. I only watch HIMYM occasionally (because I’m into the Sarah Connor Chronicles), but if that wasn’t enough for me to recognize NPH’s awesomeness, Dr. Horrible was. And this only cements it. I’m officially a fan.
      And Les Miz is my other favorite musical.


      1. The best part about NPH being in Dr. Horrible was that it was a Joss Project and that means there is a good likelihood that he will be in more Joss productions. Oh, and the other best part of Dr. Horrible was…EVERYTHING! Dr. Horrible is love.


      1. Jason Segel is great too. If you haven’t seen Forgetting Sarah Marshall, do it. It’s a lot of fun. Even if only for the Muppet Rock Opera. Yeah, you read that right, Muppet…Rock…Opera.


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