A meme, because I don’t have time to come up with something on my own.

And anyway, this is a nice one.

Post 10 things that are going right in your life right now, it doesn’t matter how small. You’re happy with your cup of coffee. You saw a flock of geese flying over. ANYTHING. Things that make you happy. Things that make you smile. No pressure.

1. Even in his e-mails, my husband is adorable.

2. It’s Friday, which means I can sleep in tomorrow morning.

3. Speedy Pete the Wonder Pup and his inching ever closer to grasping the concept of housebreaking.

4. BFF Tess.

5. My house.

6. My new car.

7. The existence of ibuprofen.

8. Halloween decorations and candy.

9. Our freezer is stocked with quality ice cream.

10. I can play the bass line to Elastica’s “Connection” on my Badtz Maru bass, and it makes me feel like a rock star.