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I didn’t want to have to beg, but…

I’m going to anyway. If you can find the time, please go listen to my voice posts of Birthday Girl and offer concrit on how I sound. I pretty much already know I suck, but I’m not going to get any better without feedback. So, pretty please? I’ll give you a cookie.

Part 1 | Part 2

Thank you very very kindly.


Ficlet: Caught In the Middle




  1. Yay, thanks! I’m surprised. I feel like I lisped a lot. That’s always been a problem/insecurity of mine.

  2. My very, very bad. I listened to this the first time around and then got sidetracked and didn’t comment. Shame upon me.
    I liked this very much, as I like most all of your writing. As far as your “podcast”; you sorta sound like you are in a car, outside. You don’t suck by any stretch of the imagination. You need a better quality recording device is all. Your inflections are good. Your timing seems on.
    May I say you sound a little sad…or perhaps that’s you being tentative? I think with practice that will be better.
    Keep on sweetie!

    • ‘S okay. I figured everybody was just busy, but my insecurities kept whispering in my ear that the “if you can’t say anything nice” principle was at work. 🙂
      Thanks. Hopefully, when it comes time to actually record the (still not finished) novel, I’ll have a brand new computer with appropriate podcasting programs to work with. Also, I was probably just being tentative. Although, it being the middle of the workday when I recorded it, and me being in the middle of the Project of Suck at the time, I probably had plenty to be sad about, so who knows?
      Cookies coming your way!

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